Michelle Segar’s Keynotes and Sustainable Behavior Change™ Trainings

For more than 23 years, Michelle has delivered passionate and engaging keynotes, trainings and consulting to:

Dr. Michelle Segar, Ph.D., MPH, MS, offers a fresh, research-based and thought-provoking view of how to motivate consumers, employees and patients to stick with behavior change — helping organizations cultivate the decisions that underlie sustainable behavior change, well- being, fitness and health. Simply put…: stop promoting “health for health’s sake” and start rebranding healthy behavior, associating it with the emotional rewards and personal well-being people thrive on.

The latest science of motivation, decision-making and sustainable behavior are the foundation for Dr. Segar’s novel insights on “rebranding” exercise and other healthy behaviors and “fueling what matters most.” Her presentations are sciece-based graphic stories that engage, deliver “ah ha’s” on professional and personal levels, and offer specific steps audience members can take as soon as they leave. Her presentations and consulting help professionals and organizations:

  • learn the hidden but crucial reasons why people’s good intentions fail to drive  healthy behaviors for the long-term
  • feel inspired and empowered by the content they learned
  • leave with new insights and concrete, actionable steps they can immediately take to create sustainable motivation and behavior change in their own professional roles and personal lives

“We recently hired Dr. Segar to speak at our 2016 annual conference in Lake Placid, NY. Not only did her talk immediately fill up (and we had to book a bigger room), our attendees raved about her presentation. She was extremely professional and easy to work with. Segar’s message was a great balance of science and real life experiences that made for a very professional and personally motivating message. After the conference we even brought her into our office to meet with some of our product owners to help provide additional perspective as they develop new products. I would strongly recommend her to any group who wants to experience her passionate message about what’s behind staying motivated.”

Laura Langhout, Corporate Meeting Planner at SE Brands: Anytime Fitness & Waxing the City

“I met Michelle Segar at a NBGH meeting in Washington, DC and was very intrigued with her research on how to communicate with employees about “Heath”. She showed why talking about “Health” was too generic and long-term to motivate people. Her focus on short-term goals like increased energy fit perfectly with my behavior change philosophy.

I asked her to speak to my broader Benefits Leadership team and conduct a hands-on workshop with my communication team. Both meetings were excellent and helped to change how people thought about communications. I even started to review communications by “Segarizing” them. This helped me focus in on the points that might be too generic or long-term in my communications.

I would recommend Michelle Segar as a well-being communication consultant that can really help your business craft the right messages for your employees.”

Scott Pullen, Senior Benefits Manager at Walmart

“We hired Michelle Segar for our 2013 Leadership Summit on Workforce Well-being  Michelle delivered a dynamic keynote to our members, who are primarily Fortune 500 companies and large public sector employers. Her research on sustainable behavior change is compelling, and her passionate, articulate and engaging style earned accolades from our audience of seasoned benefits and corporate wellness professionals. Most importantly, her ideas for how to apply the research were simple, easy to understand, and implement. Despite always having excellent keynote speakers, Michelle’s keynote received such strong interest from our large employers that we invited her to speak again this year (2014) to go deeper into her ideas and method.  Inviting Michelle back is a tribute to her outstanding presentation skills and innovative ideas because we’ve never repeated a Leadership Summit keynote speaker before, let alone in sequential years.”

-LuAnn Heinen, Vice President, National Business Group on Health; Director, Institute on Health, Productivity & Human Capital

“After attending your “Reframing Health as Well-being” Training,  I have changed how I think about my work with patients as an occupational therapist and even my personal life.  Your research-based yet practical approach to self-care, a new internal dialog, and habit formation has helped me reframe the conversation with my patients to break the cycles of failure they have been on, and has been enabling us to move in a new direction – one focused on daily functioning and well-being.   The tools you developed guide self-discovery of the underlying true motivation for positive sustainable self-care (movement, sleep, eating well, mental processing, etc…) as well as the barriers to achieving it.  I also really appreciated your caution to us in the training about not asking our patients to change too much too fast. It offers a more realistic and accessible approach.   Thank you, Michelle for sharing your work and inspiring others. We are starting to develop a new protocol to evaluate with our patients that integrates the key ideas and methods you taught us last month.”

-Katherine Konosky M.S., O.T.R./L. University of Michigan Health System

“Within days of announcing Michelle’s webinar to our constituency, over 2300 people registered, setting a new WELCOA record. She is a passionate presenter that provides a perfect mix of stories, research and actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately. Michelle’s new insights and refreshing approach are changing the conversation about wellness and health in America. She delivered an outstanding presentation. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”

-Ryan Picarella, President, WELCOA (The Wellness Council of America)

“People are still talking about the “Moving Toward Happiness” presentation and “Reframing Health as Well-being” behavioral training that Dr. Segar provided for the city of Lincoln. Not only were the presentations fresh, informative, and thought provoking but the participants were left with a message and methods that they could take home and use immediately with their clients/patients and in their own personal lives. Dr. Segar’s message to move away from an “all or nothing” approach to a realistic one that people can benefit from in their daily lives really resonated with the attendees, especially those who work with patients and study participants. Aging Partners staff will convey Dr. Segar’s innovative and important messages when working with participants and conducting community programs. It was a real pleasure to work with Dr. Segar and we await her next visit.”

-Aging Partners, Deb Peck

“Michelle Segar and her book “No Sweat” were the central inspiration for “The Magic Pill,” a 21-episode podcast (so named because exercise is the closest thing we have to a magic pill for your health) that won a regional 2017 Edward R. Murrow award, the radio equivalent of a Pulitzer or an Emmy.  The show clearly resonated – On an exit survey, more than 90 percent of respondents said we had succeeded in changing their attitudes about exercise.” 

-Carey Goldberg, WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station

“The National Wellness Institute had the honor of hosting Dr. Michelle Segar as a keynote speaker at its 40th Annual National Wellness Conference, June 16, 2015, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not only did Dr. Segar provide thought-provoking, cutting-edge information, but she was a passionate speaker that deeply engaged our audience. Her fresh, easy-to-understand ideas and authentic style enabled her to deeply connect with our audience of wellness professionals who come from varied backgrounds and disciplines—not an easy task. Her keynote received one of the highest levels of response that I have seen in the six years I’ve been with NWI. Many attendees told us that Dr. Segar was one of the best keynote speakers they had ever experienced. The response was so overwhelming that during her book-signing following her keynote, we sold out with over 40 people still hoping to purchase her book. In addition, she was professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process, from planning to presentation. I highly encourage anyone in the wellness, fitness, and health fields to hire Dr. Michelle Segar to be their keynote. They—and their guests—will leave inspired with empowering new insights.”

– Trina Laube, Education & Outreach Director, National Wellness Institute, Inc.

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<b>Topics for Organizations and Professionals</b>

  • From Health Care to Self-Care™: A New Paradigm to Improve Behavioral Sustainability and Adherence Among Patients and Communities
  • Rebranding Health as Well-Being™: A better “hook” to motivate sustainable behavior among employees
  • The Right Whys™:  How cultivating sustainable behavior among employees harnessing the right framework can concurrently foster thriving organizations

<b>Topics for Consumers and Employees</b>

  • No Sweat: A Revolutionary New Approach to Staying Motivated to Exercise
  • Thriving through Self-Care: How to create a joyful mind and happy body

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