Combining passion with pragmatism, Michelle Segar's keynotes offer a fascinating integration of story and science that generate "ah ha's" and showcase simple solutions that can be immediately implemented.

Organizations that have hired me to learn how to create sustainable health behavior change and well-being include: Beaumont Health System, Google, EXL, the National Business Group on Health, Adidas, PepsiCo, Influence Health, Walmrt, and Zingerman’s.

Dr. Segar's keynotes and workshops integrate story telling with science to concurrently entertain and explain.  As a motivation psychologist, behavioral sustainability researcher, educator, and health coach, she cares that every person in every audience to leave with a clear understanding of what has led to short-term behavioral results as well as concrete, actionable steps they can take to create sustainable motivation and behavior change.

Discover what audience members and those who hired me to speak have to say about my keynotes and ideas here.

Want novel insights about well-being, health, and fitness that will transform how you think about behavior change – and are also based on the latest science of motivation, decision-making, and sustainable behavior? Below, she explain why we should stop promoting health, as well as rebrand exercise. Curious? Watch the short videos below.

Dr. Segar's presentations and webinars are energetic and provoke the “a-ha moments” that give audiences of professionals EASY new methods to better motivate lasting behavior change and audiences of consumers meaningful new reasons to take better care of themselves. Even the most jaded people and professionals have epiphanies that inspire and empower them with a positive new message and easy approach.

Professionals and Consumers Learn to See Healthy Behavior and Motivation Differently So They Can Get Lasting Results

She is passionate about teaching a new paradigm that creates lasting motivation and sustainable healthy behavior that concurrently fosters personal meaning and well-being.  Read what people are saying here.


  • From Health Care to Self-Care™: A New Paradigm to Improve Behavioral Sustainability and Adherence Among Patients and Communities
  • Rebranding Health as Well-Being™: A better "hook" to motivate sustainable behavior and create thriving organizations


  • It's Your Move™: A Revolutionary New Approach to Staying Motivated to Exercise
  • Moving Toward Happiness™: One Step at a Time
  • Essential Steps™: Transforming Exercise From a Chore Into to a Gift
  • No Sweat: How Simple Science can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness and Feeling Great to Fuel What Matters Most
  • The Art & Science of Sustainable Self-Care


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