Michelle Segar’s Keynotes and Sustainable Behavior Change™ Trainings

For more than 20 years, Dr. Segar has delivered enthusiastic and engaging consulting, keynotes and training worldwide about how to create sustainable behavior change. Her clients include Google, Adidas, Walmart, PepsiCo, National Business Group on Health, EXL, The Holmes Fitness Group, Beaumont Health System, Influence Health, and Zingerman’s.

“Dr. Segar’s proposition outlines a path to achieve successful engagement and sustainable behavior change. What begins as a surprising and counter-intuitive message evolves into an ‘aha moment’ and practical solutions for the audience to put into practice... The framework Dr. Segar has designed is seeding innovative communications among global companies in workplace wellness initiatives, with further application to consumer behavior, patient-centered care and mobile applications in the Health 2.0 space. Most importantly, her ideas for how to apply the research were simple, easy to understand, and implement.  She is the first keynote speaker in our 30-year history we've ever invited back to give a second keynote at the Leadership Summit. This is a tribute to her outstanding presentation skills and innovative ideas.”

–LuAnn Heinen, Vice President, Workforce Well-being, Productivity and Human Capital, National Business Group on Health.

Dr. Michelle Segar, Ph.D., MPH, MS offers a fresh and thought-provoking view of how consumers motivate themselves to stay fit and healthy – helping organizations centered on improving consumer health, fitness and well-being understand how to make that motivation last a lifetime. Simply put: stop promoting “health for health’s sake” and start rebranding healthy behavior, associating it with the emotional rewards and personal well-being consumers thrive on.

Why Book Michelle Segar?

  • If you’re looking for a presenter who can seed innovation in your organization and challenge audiences to create real change, Dr. Segar’s provocative, evidence-based (yet simple to follow) framework is an experience that should not be missed.
  • Author of “No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness,” Dr. Segar draws from a wealth of professional and personal experiences, including one that inspired her life-long commitment to sustainable behavior change – her work in clinical trials with cancer survivors, who struggled to stay committed to their own health and well-being, even after facing death.
  • Dr. Segar’s diverse background in individual fitness coaching, award-winning academic research, and consulting gives her the unique perspectives to tackle health, fitness and well-being issues from every angle.
  • Her synergistic graduate degrees in psychology, public health and kinesiology give her unrivaled expertise in the science of sustainable motivation.
  • Audiences leave with a new understanding of their biggest health and fitness business challenges, and practical solutions they can implement immediately. Her eye-opening insights help organizations resolve serious and expensive health problems, renew consumer motivation, and inspire growth and innovation.

Michelle Segar Speaking

The latest science of motivation, decision-making and sustainable behavior are the foundation for Dr. Segar’s novel insights on “rebranding” exercise and other healthy behaviors and “fueling what matters most.” Her passionate-but-pragmatic presentations offer a fascinating combination of storytelling and science to help audiences:

  • learn why individuals’ good intentions fail to drive healthy behaviors for the long-term
  • leave with new knowledge and concrete, actionable steps they can immediately take to create sustainable motivation and behavior change in their own environment
  • find new solutions and create real change

Topics for Organizations and Professionals:

  • From Health Care to Self-Care™: A New Paradigm to Improve Behavioral Sustainability and Adherence Among Patients and Communities
  • Rebranding Health as Well-Being™: A better "hook" to motivate sustainable behavior and create thriving organizations

Topics for Consumers and Employees:

  • It's Your Move™: A Revolutionary New Approach to Staying Motivated to Exercise
  • Moving Toward Happiness™: One Step at a Time
  • Essential Steps™: Transforming Exercise From a Chore Into to a Gift
  • The Art & Science of Sustainable Self-Care”

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