Looking for a fresh new message that will deeply resonate with your audience of practitioners, trainers, employees, and consumers as well as teaching them a simple solution they can immediately implement?


My keynotes teach clinicians and other behavioral professionals a much simpler way to create sustainable behavior change.

Whether the outcome of interest is fitness, sleep, or health behaviors among employee and patients, I help professionals and organizations understand how to create sustainable lifestyle changes that can stand the test of time.  Before reading more about my one-of-a-kind model and methods for sustainable behavior change, feel free to check out the comments from attendees of my keynotes and behavioral trainings and the people who hired me to give them.

Want novel insights about well-being, health, and fitness that will transform the behavior change outcomes you get in your organization and among your patients? – and are also based on the latest science of motivation, decision-making, and sustainable behavior? Below, I explain why we should stop promoting health, as well as rebrand exercise. Curious? Watch the short videos below.

As a motivation scientist, sustainable behavior change expert, and health and wellness speaker, my keynotes and sessions offer evidence-based ideas that are SIMPLE to understand and implement – even the most jaded staff and clinicians have epiphanies that inspire and empower them with a positive new message and easy approach.

My presentations and webinars are energetic and provoke the “a-ha moments” that give audiences of professionals EASY new methods to better motivate lasting behavior change and audiences of consumers meaningful new reasons to take better care of themselves.

Discover what audience members and those who hired me to speak have to say about my keynotes and ideas here.


From Chore to Gift: Rebranding Exercise, Health, and Self-Care


Evidence suggests that motivating people to take care of themselves though self-care behaviors such as exercise as a way to achieve future health benefits is not compelling enough to keep most motivated, regardless of their sense of urgency and buy-in at the outset. In addition, body-shaping motives create pressure and self-rejection, especially in women, all of which leads to failure to achieve fitness goals and other important health- and wellness-related outcomes.

In order for individuals to successfully SUSTAIN self-care behaviors in their busy lives, we need to reframe the purpose of these behaviors for their immediate benefits, such as increased energy and well-being, which leads to better performance in key life roles such as Parent, Partner and Professional.

I call this Rebranding Health as Well-being.

I am widely quoted in the media such as The New York Times, Forbes, US News & World Report, womenshealth.gov and am being invited to speak to audiences around the world about my novel (and simple) approach to achieving sustainable health and fitness behaviors.

In 2013, I was the featured keynote at the National Business Group on Health’s Leadership Summit on Workplace Well-being. In 2012, I was the featured speaker at two conferences about how to motivate sustainable lifestyle changes for behavioral professionals, personal trainers, and researchers in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to teaching the Rebranding Exercise method I invented, I also discussed my easy-to-use  Why-How-Do Behavioral Blueprints. In an interview following my presentations, my ideas were featured in the top Portuguese newspaper’s science section where I was called “the North American guru of exercise motivation.”

A short video of me speaking in Portugal can be found here.

Testifying to the novelty of my ideas and presentation quality, I was honored to learn that my second talk at the  2012 Art and Science of Health Promotion in San Diego (April) set the record for having the most attendees of all sessions that year.

As a consultant to visionary organizations, government agencies, and gaming developers, my simple, easy-to-implement Behavioral Blueprints are designed to help organizations build programs and initiatives that foster positive and internal motivation, sustainable fitness and lasting health behavior change. My twenty-years of iterating between Research to Real Life has given me unique insights into the systems that will create sustainable health behavior in the real world.

I Can Inspire Your Group or Consumer to See Health Behavior and Motivation Differently


FOR BEHAVIORAL PRACTITIONERS: Health and health behaviors have been misbranded as clinical and non-inspiring outcomes in health care and society in general.  An important part of the solution to optimally engage individuals in sustaining lifestyle changes is to rebrand  health behaviors as “well-being,” as key ways individuals can become more effective, loving, and happy in their daily lives.

I have started speaking internationally, teaching health behavioral professionals my simple method for infusing purpose and meaning into health behaviors, including my systematic technique that Rebrands Health As Well-being through changing the purpose of self-care behaviors, like exercise, sleep, dietary change, etc.

My simple, yet comprehensive, Behavioral Blueprints foster autonomous motivation and help people better prioritize their own health and well-being through their daily decisions.

See my Behavioral Blueprints for organizations and health professionals.




  • Rebranding Health as Well-Being™: A better “hook” to motivate sustainable behavior and create thriving organizations
  • Reframing Health as Well-being™: A better prescription for lasting motivation and behavioral adherence among patients
  • From Health Care to Self-Care™: The Why’s and How’s of Creating Sustainable Health-Related Behaviors in Patients
  • From Research to Real Life™: Behavioral sustainability solutions based on  twenty years integrating research with real life
  • Bridging Behavior Change to Behavioral Sustainability™: Understanding The Real Levers of Lasting Motivation and Behavior
  • Whole Brain Health Promotion™: An Evidence-based Approach to Build Behaviors That Last a Lifetime
  • Rebranding Exercise™: Motivating People to Move Toward Happiness
  • From Health to Happiness™: Making Behavior Change More Relevant and Compelling to Individuals
  • Counseling Patients Toward Lasting motivation and Behavior: Easy-to-Use Principles and Protocols


FOR CONSUMERS AND EMPLOYEES: Attendees of my presentations leave inspired, feeling more ownership of their self-care, and ready to take a more realistic approach to behavior change that they will stay motivated to sustain. See my MOTIVATION INNOVATION PAGE.

Do you need a health and wellness speaker to promote sustainable physical activity,  self-care, and health that goes beyond  the clinical and superficial messages delivered by most – to actually help your core consumer, women, identify HOW their core values relate to and support on-going physical movement and self-care so they can feel and live better?  In 2012, I was honored to deliver keynotes to standing-room-0nly audiences in Cheyenne, Wyoming, (Wyoming Heart and Vascular Institute) and Palos Heights, Illinois (Palos Community Hospital Women’s Health and Fitness Day).


  • It’s Your Move™: A Revolutionary New Approach to Staying Motivated to Exercise
  • Moving Toward Happiness™: One Step at a Time
  • Smart Women Don’t Diet™: Moving Toward Peace With Our Bodies and Ourselves
  • Essential Steps™: Transforming Exercise From a Chore Into to a Gift
  • The Art & Science of Sustainable Self-Care
  • Diagnosing and Treating Caretakeritis (An Inflammation of the Caretaker Muscle From Overuse)


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