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Even though I feel committed to start exercising and losing weight, my motivation tends to quickly fade.

When I think about exercising, it feels like chore.

I usually feel committed to exercise when I decide to start, but I always lose my willpower to keep it up.

When I am physically active I usually pick activities that I think I should do but actually don't want to do.

My life is busy — I find it hard to find time to exercise or do something just for me.

Even though I resolve to take better care of myself, I feel guilty taking time away from my work or family to do that.

In general, I feel comfortable giving myself permission to take care of my physical and emotional needs on a daily basis.

In general, when people ask me to do something I can't say "no."

I really want to figure out how to exercise more, eat better, and get more sleep – and I have been trying to make all of these changes at the same time.

I really want to lose weight, so I am very focused on the scale. That's more important now than planning how I will sustain the changes in exercise that I want to make.

When I start exercising, I think about what obstacles life might throw my way and plan strategies to prevent or work around them.

When I haven't been able to do my planned exercise session I feel like a failure.