“We hired Michelle Segar for our 2013 Leadership Summit on Workforce Well-being  Michelle delivered a dynamic keynote to our members, who are primarily Fortune 500 companies and large public sector employers. Her research on sustainable behavior change is compelling, and her passionate, articulate and engaging style earned accolades from our audience of seasoned benefits and corporate wellness professionals. Most importantly, her ideas for how to apply the research were simple, easy to understand, and implement. Despite always having excellent keynote speakers, Michelle’s keynote received such strong interest from our large employers that we invited her to speak again this year (2014) to go deeper into her ideas and method.  Inviting Michelle back is a tribute to her outstanding presentation skills and innovative ideas because we’ve never repeated a Leadership Summit keynote speaker before, let alone in sequential years.” -LuAnn Heinen, Vice President, National Business Group on Health; Director, Institute on Health, Productivity & Human Capital
“The National Wellness Institute had the honor of hosting Dr. Michelle Segar as a keynote speaker at its 40th Annual National Wellness Conference, June 16, 2015, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not only did Dr. Segar provide thought-provoking, cutting-edge information, but she was a passionate speaker that deeply engaged our audience. Her fresh, easy-to-understand ideas and authentic style enabled her to deeply connect with our audience of wellness professionals who come from varied backgrounds and disciplines—not an easy task. Her keynote received one of the highest levels of response that I have seen in the six years I’ve been with NWI. Many attendees told us that Dr. Segar was one of the best keynote speakers they had ever experienced. The response was so overwhelming that during her book-signing following her keynote, we sold out with over 40 people still hoping to purchase her book. In addition, she was professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process, from planning to presentation. I highly encourage anyone in the wellness, fitness, and health fields to hire Dr. Michelle Segar to be their keynote. They—and their guests—will leave inspired with empowering new insights.” – Trina Laube, Education & Outreach Director, National Wellness Institute, Inc.
“People are still talking about the “Moving Toward Happiness” presentation and “Reframing Health as Well-being” behavioral training that Dr. Segar provided for the city of Lincoln. Not only were the presentations fresh, informative, and thought provoking but the participants were left with a message and methods that they could take home and use immediately with their clients/patients and in their own personal lives. Dr. Segar’s message to move away from an “all or nothing” approach to a realistic one that people can benefit from in their daily lives really resonated with the attendees, especially those who work with patients and study participants. Aging Partners staff will convey Dr. Segar’s innovative and important messages when working with participants and conducting community programs. It was a real pleasure to work with Dr. Segar and we await her next visit.” -Aging Partners, Deb Peck
“Within days of announcing Michelle’s webinar to our constituency, over 2300 people registered, setting a new WELCOA record. She is a passionate presenter that provides a perfect mix of stories, research and actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately. Michelle’s new insights and refreshing approach are changing the conversation about wellness and health in America. She delivered an outstanding presentation. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”.” -Ryan Picarella, President, WELCOA (The Wellness Council of America)
“After attending your “Reframing Health as Well-being” Training,  I have changed how I think about my work with patients  as an occupational therapist and even my personal life.  Your research-based yet practical approach to self care, a new internal dialog, and habit formation has helped me reframe the conversation with my patients to break the cycles of failure they have been on, and has been enabling us to move in a new direction – one focused on daily functioning and well-being.   The tools you developed  guide self discovery of the underlying true motivation for positive sustainable self care (movement, sleep, eating well, mental processing, etc…) as well as the barriers to achieving it.  I also really appreciated your caution to us in the training about not asking our patients to change too much too fast. It offers a more realistic and accessible approach.   Thank you Michelle for sharing your work and inspiring others. We are starting to develop a new protocol to evaluate with our patients that integrates the key ideas and methods you taught us last month.” -Katherine Konosky M.S., O.T.R./L. University of Michigan Health System
“I saw Dr. Michelle Segar’s talk at the Art and Science of Health Promotion conference in San Diego this year. Not since my first round of survey undergraduate courses have I had so many “A-Hah!” moments during a lecture. Segar’s research regarding how to link motivators for physical activity to dedication to an active lifestyle is ground-breaking. Her work gives us new insights so we can ask better questions, like: “Are the motivators we are using to promote health behaviors the right motivators to promote health behaviors that can be sustained?” Working her ideas into worksite wellness programs, such as the one I coordinate at BlueCross, can dramatically help shape organizational cultures of health. I have begun reworking my Wellness Champions program to include Segar’s language of “exercise as a gift of self-care” in an effort to revive our employees’ love of physical activity. Segar’s research points the health promotion industry in an exciting new direction.” -Sara Martin, Employee Wellness Coordinator, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
“It was a terrific experience to host Dr. Michelle Segar in Lisbon for a series of lectures and discussions around behavior change and how to more effectively engage clients and patients in regular physical activity. Her ideas, based on sound research and also on a rich applied experience from her own coaching of individuals, are innovative and very important. Everyone who listened to her left excited to get to work! I was particularly encouraged and inspired by Dr. Segar’s passion and her ability to translate complex concepts into simple ideas. We sincerely look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Dr. Michelle Segar.”
-Pedro Teixeira, Professor, Departamento de Desporto e Saúde, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal
“Michelle Segar’s keynote to our Health and Wellness Coalition of Kansas has made us look differently at how we market and work to motivate others in changing behavior. Over the past few years the marketing of our health programming has moved away from the “fun factor”. Michelle illustrated how important it is to connect with others on an emotional level instead of a factual, logical level. After Michelle’s presentation, we began to research key terms used in effective marketing efforts and found words like smart, success, dreams, satisfied, blissful, relief, nice, peaceful and happiness to name a few. From this, we developed our marketing materials for the 2013 Food Day campaign around fun (lifted mood) and togetherness (strengthening social contacts). We are excited to see how our different approach affects not only participation, but health behavior. We are hopeful this change in direction will benefit our community and begin the shift we desire. ” -Debbie Williams, Healthy Community Director, Greater Wichita YMCA, Health & Wellness Coalition of Wichita
“I recently attended the American Journal of Health Promotion conference. Even in a cornucopia of excellent sessions, Dr. Michelle Segar’s workshops really stood out. Her first session, showcasing how to set goals in new ways that generate motivation that sticks, what she coined SUSTAIN-ERGY™, created mountaintop “aha!” moments for myself and others – one of those rare times in life when you understand you are experiencing a true paradigm shift. After Michelle’s first session, several of us kept talking in the hall – we couldn’t wait to go to her next talk to hear more because we were so blown away! The second session was just as inspiring! She showed us how to rebrand exercise from a chore into a gift – Her research demonstrates a whole new model for moving sedentary women toward the joy of movement in a way we can all use. Her passion is uplifting and her simple, her clear teaching models are simply outstanding. Even as an educator, I hadn’t been able to identify why for the last 18 months I have been able to maintain daily exercise – But Michelle’s work gave me the framework, even the specific words, to understand why! I can now take what I’ve learned, and start framing exercise as a gift to help those I work with discover the hidden joys of physical activity. Thank you Michelle!”
-Wendy Pender, Conference Attendee, San Diego, 2012
“I am so grateful to you for your participation in the colloquium on parks and physical activity at Columbia University this past summer. You helped us understand that people who engage in long-term physical activity do so because they derive pleasure from the experience. This insight is both simple and revelatory and has helped us to reframe our thinking about what we, as park managers, can do to make parks more attractive venues for physical activity. In helping us see physical exercise as a socialized behavior, you have given us some of the tools we will use to market the stress-reducing, joy-producing effects of a walk through the park. As the colloquium organizer, I am especially grateful for your participation because I think your very proactive and engaging presentation set a tone for the entire colloquium and challenged every single participant to think about urban parks in a different way.”
-Meg Cheever, President, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
“Michelle, I was hesitant to attend your Ladies in Red keynote in Cheyenne, Wyoming last month — alone — but so glad I did. It was a highlight of my year. What you had to share “freed” me in many ways. I am shedding “expectations” that drag me down. Thanks for being a part of the process.”
-Alexa, Lexie’s Kitchen
“I wanted to send a big ‘THANKS!’ for presenting at our 2010 WISEWOMAN Annual Meeting. Your keynote presentation was very well received by our lifestyle counselors and definitely provided them with new ways of thinking about behavior change. Your research certainly has a valuable role to play in the work we do with our WISEWOMAN participants.”
-Viki Lorraine, WISEWOMAN Intervention Specialist, State of Michigan, Department of Community Health
“It was a pleasure having you speak at the Spirit of Women’s 12th Annual National Executive Meeting in Washington, D.C.  Your presentation topic was a highlight of our curriculum.  The practical message you provided is of incredible value for our member hospitals.  I look forward to exploring more opportunities for your company and Spirit of Women to work together.”
-Tanya Abreu, President and National Program Director, Spirit of Women
“I attended both of Michelle Segar’s presentations at the 2012 Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference. I have integrated her unique findings on motivation for exercise in my daily work with health coaching. In particular, helping people identify the internal motivation for exercise, the “gifts”, and the kinds of exercise that will provide that gift. At the 2013 conference, Michelle shared more practical findings from her work on effective motivational strategies. This will help even more in tailoring interventions to fit the person. I look forward to learning more from her work.”
-Lisa Connor, Conference Attendee, Hilton Head, 2013
“Thank you for an excellent presentation on a great topic at our Grand Rounds.  It was well received by our faculty and house officers.  We would like to invite you back for a seminar with our staff.”
-Timothy R.B. Johnson, M.D., Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Bates Professor of Diseases of Women and Children, University of Michigan Health System
“Camp Seagull has been running the spa week for the past 20 years.  We have had numerous speakers, with a variety of topics—nutrition, self-esteem, weight loss, etc.  Michelle attracted almost double the number of people who typically attend the evening lectures.  It is often difficult to discuss health, weight, diet, etc. with our spa women.  Many have heard the same things over and over, regarding ‘what we are doing wrong.’  Michelle’s talk was special—She tapped into the women in a new and exciting way.”
-Jack Schulman, Co-Owner Camp Seagull
“Several years ago I was fortunate to hear you speak at the WISEWOMAN training in Traverse City MI. Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful information and for helping individuals with healthy life changes. I share your information with the women I counsel. Everything I have ever read from you has been very helpful to me in my own journey for living a healthy lifestyle. Once again thank you for your wonderful ideas and just your point of view!” -Holly Joseph B.S., C.C.M. WISEWOMAN Counselor
“Thank you for brining your ideas to our F.E.M.A.L.E. group.  It was quite an eye-opener to have a serious discussion regarding how our culture shapes our beliefs about and approach to fitness.  On another level, the group really appreciated your acknowledgement of the challenges we face as mothers of small children and as women.  It was uplifting to hear a positive message about the role of fitness in our lives and our ability to incorporate it.  You gave us a reason to look forward to confronting this area of our lives.  You gave us hope!  Finally, you really connected with the group.  As a former organizational development professional, I know the challenges of speaking to a group, and I applaud your dynamic and warm approach.”
-Jane Griffith, Programming Co-Chair, Washtenaw County Chapter of F.E.M.A.L.E.
“Michelle Segar’s “Essential Steps” program has been an absolute revelation for me. With Michelle’s help, guidance and insights I’ve dissolved a lot of stories that I had around what it means to exercise, stories that weren’t serving me and that were undermining my enthusiasm for and enjoyment of movement. I feel as though a lifetime of confusion, frustration and guilt has been eradicated through this simple and easy process. I’m enjoying exercise and feeling drawn to movement in a way that I haven’t felt since I was a child and I’m eternally grateful to Michelle for that. This program is exceptionally important and I’d strongly recommend it to any woman who not only wants to start exercising more regularly, but perhaps more importantly, wants to re-learn how to love exercising. Thank you Michelle.” -Coaching Client, Publishing Executive
“As a busy surgeon and mother, prioritizing my own wellness can be challenging. Dr. Segar’s program and personal coaching helped my align my behavior with my goals. In taking care of myself first, I am able to better care for those around me – my patients, their families as well as my own family. I have achieved greater peace of mind and ability to navigate through life’s challenges. I cannot sing her accolades loud enough nor express my gratitude.” -Coaching Client, 43, Surgeon
“Through working with Michelle I realized that I had always exercised to improve my body. I would work out, work out, and work out – but my body never seemed to look like the magazines. Of course, I want to look good, but now I exercise to feel good mentally and physically, not to look different than I am. Instead of finding exercises by looking for the “latest and greatest” at the gym, I find exercises that I enjoy doing. Michelle encouraged me to try new exercises, and that is how I discovered that I like yoga. These days I do many types of exercises, and I do them because they make me feel good. I’ve been consistently active since working with Michelle in 1998.”
-Susan W, 46, Social Worker & Mom
“For reasons I didn’t understand, I had a long history of signing up for physical activities and after two or three sessions dropping out. Working with Michelle helped me to identify my specific attitudes and barriers enabling me to develop a personalized approach to exercise that I’ve maintained over 14 years. At one time a series of injuries and ailments made me stop working out for almost two years, but by reusing the concepts I learned in with Michelle I was able to redesign a program that not only succeeded for me but allowed me to become even more active. I’ve found Michelle’s philosophy and approach to be helpful in other areas, such as weight loss and time management, as well. I think that anyone wishing to make life-changes could benefit from learning about Michelle’s unique program.”
-Susan J, 60’s, Previous Marketing Director
“In 1997, when I was 42 years old, I worked with Michelle. When I called to learn more about the program (specifically the cost), I felt it was a bit beyond my budget at the time. I distinctly remember what Michelle said to me in response: “When you feel you are worth the investment, give me a call.” That response hit a chord for me – not only has the “when you are worth it” comment stayed in my mind, but I continue to use it. I decided I WAS worth it and am so glad I made the investment. One of the most important concepts from the program for me was that everything counts, every step, every motion, every action. I learned that no matter how little it is, just keep moving! I did not need a formal or structured “program” – anything is better than nothing. If I only have ten minutes available, then ten minutes it will be. That philosophy has given me “permission” to do what I can and not berate myself for not doing more. This positive approach has been more successful for me rather than the negative motivation I had often used before. I also learned to prioritize and put exercise/movement near the top of the “to do” list each and every day. I still have to remind myself on many busy days that other things can probably wait but getting some form of activity in cannot. While I am no marathoner or elite athlete, I am proud to say that I have remained consistently active since working with Michelle so many years ago. It helped me learn how I can make physical activity a regular and positive part of my life. I wanted to avoid taking drugs for my previous high blood pressure, and this was one of my major motivations for taking the program. Not only have I achieved that goal, but I have lost weight, as well. When I decided to lose weight, I joined a diet program, and the program really worked for me. I have lost 50 pounds, and I feel like a new person. Most people that I’ve met in the diet program struggle to fit in the exercise component, and ask me how I do it. Because of my work with Michelle, I had already learned how to make physical activity a daily part of my life and this made the weight loss program, and maintenance, that much easier to achieve. The results have been life-changing. My physician was elated with my health during a recent physical exam! The remarkably improved laboratory studies and physical evaluation are directly attributable to my “new” lifestyle. Investing in yourself is certainly the best investment one can make!”
-Deb Lisull, 54, Dentist
“Now, 2 ½ years after working with you, I am still regularly exercising; doing a variety of activities that I enjoy and that fit into my life. I find that I now have much more energy and even look forward to challenging myself with things like taking the stairs two at a time. I’ve also been doing much more power walking with girl friends, which has been fun, got me away from my desk, helped me stay close with friends – and without thinking about it also contributed to me losing much unnecessary weight. I owe enormous amounts to you and your program, Michelle.”
– Susan Pollay, 53 Executive Director
“I was trying to retire but found myself with no free time, running non-stop to meetings and commitments. Because I’ve been transitioning into retirement I thought that it was time that I learn how to make exercise a priority. The “ah ha” for me, however, focused on my own self-care. When I read about the concept “caretakeritis” that was coined by Michelle Segar, I realized that I had caretakeritis from putting the important needs of others before my own! For years I had the habit of using anything as an excuse not to have time to take care of myself. I also realized that if I were going to optimally enjoy my retirement, traveling, and grandchildren that I needed to make different choices. I started giving myself permission to make myself the #1 priority and apply strategies that I use in business to achieve this. I now say “no” to anything that interferes, and found out that the world didn’t stop because I got off for a few hours a week to exercise. I have stopped considering exercise as gymnastics and sports and start thinking about ‘moving my body” as a gift to myself. Working with Michelle over four years ago helped me internalize some basic things have helped me ever since.”
-Mickey Katz, Retiring Consultant
“I am finding it difficult to sit down and take care of business….I am so geeked about the opportunity to listen to you speak today.  Your model is so simple.  Your delivery is genuine and so energetic.  You touched my core.  At this moment, right now, three hours later, I feel as if I had received not just a lecture but had an electrical jolt.  I feel absolutely exhilarated. I am going to reread my notes about SMART and start to retrain my brain.”
“I decided to work with Michelle when I was 38, twelve years ago, because it sounded like something I could use. Her interesting approach gave me a foundational understanding about fitness and creating realistic goals. I used the program concepts 4 years later to help me recover from a hip replacement.”
-Ruth Wade, 50, Training & Development
“I knew that at the age of 45 I needed to literally get off the couch and get my act together. By working with Michelle, I learned that exercise didn’t have to be routine or boring; I learned to make myself a priority, which includes creating some regular “me time” in my schedule. I have more energy, less back pain, and actually can get more done in a day than I ever thought possible.”
Anne Taylor, Aesthetician
“On behalf of the Association for Worksite Health Promotion, I want to thank you for your presentation on “Women, Culture, and Behavior Change”. This topic was a wonderful addition to our program this year.  Below are just a few of the attendee’s comments testifying to the value of your unique perspective: Michelle shows passion and dedication in her work. Very good food for thought in changing behavior in women – excellent work!… Michelle is very knowledgeable. She seems passionate about her topic and showed that women and exercise adherence can be achieved if you go about it the right way…Very interesting topic for health care and fitness in the new millennium…What a refreshing presentation. Definitely applicable and enlightening to our field and lives.”
-Betsy Nota-Kirby, AWHP Region IV, Conference Education Team Co-Chair
“I have been physically active for most of my life. I enjoyed participating in sports and activities while growing up. But I am an overachiever and do things to the extreme. Last year I decided to hire a personal trainer. I asked for a drill sergeant and on the first session I told him to kick my butt. I worked out hard for 9 months but didn’t really lose any weight. The workout program was intense and I found myself not really enjoying it even though I was committed to it. I wanted to lose weight and realized all the effort I was putting in wasn’t really getting me the results I had expected. I could have just dropped out and stopped exercising but I know how much better I feel. I’m over 50 now. I lived the first 50 years well, and want to live the next 50 even better! I decided that I don’t need to work out to lose weight. (It didn’t work so well any way.) I want to enjoy moving my body every day, feel good and be healthy. I used to power walk for 4 miles as fast as I could because I thought that was the best thing I could do for myself. I hated it and lost my motivation and stopped. How is that good for weight or health? Now I walk that same 4 miles at a pace I like, and look at the flowers and the houses, and smile at the people I pass. It takes me longer, but I feel that I am still giving my body a workout. In addition, I am no longer obsessive about reaching a specific goal. If I wind up walking only 2 miles on a given day, I don’t beat myself up anymore. I know I’ll do more the next. Working with Michelle I learned that it isn’t daily variations that matter but doing behavior over the long term. I do the walk for the pleasure it brings me and I feel great. I used to “have to do it” and not want to. Now that I don’t have to do it, I look forward to doing it. I don’t see it as “exercise” any longer. Physical activity is my “essentialsteps” and it is effortless for me to do. Working with Michelle actually helped me with my approach to eating too. Since working with her over four years ago I lost 14 pounds and have maintained it. I have internalized the program philosophy: that sustaining a behavior is much more likely if it gives us pleasure! I realized that I have always approached exercise and dieting in such extremes that I couldn’t sustain either. Now I take a much more moderate and pleasure-based approach to both. I eat what I want but in portion sizes that are more appropriate. Now, I ask myself before I eat or do any physical activity, is this going to give me pleasure? If the answer is no, I take the time to modify the activity or meal event to ensure I’m experiencing pleasure. When I hear myself say “I have too much work to do to go take a walk”, I reply to myself that I’m more important than the work, and taking 30 minutes to take a walk won’t really set me back work wise.” I’ve developed a whole new mindset about exercising and the importance of my own self care.“
-Jan B., 50’s, Account Manager
“Working with Michelle, I learned new things about myself, the biggest obstacles for own self-care. Together, we discovered that I (like many women, I soon realized!) do not invest in myself. Rather, I concentrate on others, although I owe it to myself to invest in me. I learned how to allow myself to play and have fun with exercise. I enjoyed working with Michelle; I would recommend her interesting program to anyone!”
-Ann Jones, PhD, age 71, Consultant and Educator
“I decided to work with Michelle because the program she developed seemed to be innovative and new. I was very curious about how I could be “coached” into taking my essential steps to health. Although when I started, exercising felt like a chore, Michelle’s appraoch has made me think of exercise as “play time.” I used to feel guilty about playing when I have so many “to do” things. However, I have learned that “my time” is critical and that I deserve it! I now feel a sense of accomplishment by fitting in play time and my time. It is incredible to me how easy and fulfilling it is to fit fitness into my daily life.”
-Lynn, 33, Accountant
“Although I still do not describe exercise as fun, it is now something I just do like brushing my teeth or taking my vitamins. I now exercise before work, get it out of the way, and I’m good to go. I have kept the workbook since I took the program in 1997 so I can reread it when I need to. Exercise is like brushing my teeth now, and when I can’t do it, it is irritating to me. Exercise has helped me control my blood sugar too!”
-Mary Lou, Nurse
“I worked with Michelle and learned her philosophy in 1997 when I was 55 years old. I realized that I needed to gain strength and that my body was rapidly heading south! I had never exercised regularly before, and I wanted to see how I could overcome my resistance to it. To my amazement, I have sustained physical activity since doing the program over 14 years ago! The key ideas in the program changed my approach to physical activity. I became aware of the mental obstacles that I faced, that were mostly learned in childhood, and which helped me overcome my life-long resistance to exercise. I learned how much exercise is critical to successful, healthy aging. The most important and newest idea to me was that there are many different types of exercise that “count,” including everyday activities. I need to choose the type of exercise that I enjoy and can fit into my daily routine. I now know how to prioritize exercise, and I realize that excuses are not really valid when you make exercise a priority. The major “teaching” I learned is that the mindsets I had used to avoid exercise were not valid; I had the ability to change those mindsets if I wanted to badly enough. The idea that has most helped me sustain activity since 1997 is that exercise can actually be fun! And that it’s ok to have occasional “lapses.” I know that I must make exercise a priority, even mark it on my calendar as an “appointment.” Because of what I learned , I have received many of the health benefits from regular activity, both mental and physical. I strongly recommend working with Michelle to other women! “
-Leslie de Pietro, Retired
“Dear Michelle,  I am so grateful for you. I am having fun at jazzercise and enjoying yoga very much – and also those OTMs (Opportunities to Move)!  Thank you for all of your help.  I appreciate and value myself now very much.”
-Rosalie, Kansas
“I have been so much kinder to myself since just one phone conversation with you last November. I have been feeling good about myself whenever I make a healthy meal or take the time to move my body, and I haven’t been sitting around feeling guilty about what I “should have done but didn’t”.  It’s like I did a 180 degree turn in my thinking and I’m seeing the glass half full, not half empty.  I know this will have a bigger effect on my health than diet and exercise alone since I believe that stress, guilt and shame are the biggest robbers of  joy and health. Thank you for your time and wisdom.”
“I really want to thank you for such a wonderful talk last evening! I could feel all of the good energy in the room. You really succeeded in providing an interactive and thought-provoking lecture that also provided easy and practical strategies! Even though I asked you to speak, I really liked having the chance to think and talk about what experiences have made me happy and how I can build more of this into my  life.”
-Martha L.
“Hi Michelle, Just want to thank you again for helping me. You are doing a wonderful job (you are a natural motivational speaker; I’ve seen a lot of them and you have what it takes) as well as having a wonderful service for female humanity! Thanks again.”
Joan T.
“I heard you speak when you lectured for the U of M Cancer Center. I have been feeling more caring about myself and less inclined to beat myself up over things that happened waayy in the past since I heard you speak. Thank you.”

I am 75 years old, happily retired and live in a senior community. I was affiliated with New York University, School of Medicine (area of research was neuroimmunoendocrinology).  I have always exercised (bodybuilding) and upon retiring I decided to devote my energies to try and help my fellow seniors realize the importance of exercise (strength/endurance training) and nutrition as a way of remaining healthy (and thereby maintaining and [hopefully] improving their quality of life) for as long as possible. To this end, I peruse PubMed on a regular basis for articles (such as yours) in order to keep up to date.   I have just finished reading your article and was very excited by it, especially the conclusions. This is exactly what I have been trying to accomplish with my peers in order to convince them of the relevance of exercise, nutrition etc. to their daily lives, i.e. towards the ‘immediate’  improvement of their quality of life, albeit without the research background provided by your article.   Your article has made it much easier for me to accomplish this task by providing me with the ‘background’ information that I was lacking. Even though your research specifically dealt with  women (aged 40-60 y) I believe that your results are also applicable to the age group that I am trying to help. If it is not too much of a bother, would you please send to me PDFs of any other pertinent articles. I am committed to succeeding in this endeavor and your assistance in this matter would certainly be appreciated.    – Arnold Kaufman